Wednesday 19 February 2020

Series 2!

Yes, I'm posting Series 2 of Upper Deck before posting anything from Series 1 of Topps. Why? Because!
Here's my first card of the box.
And here's the rest of the base in the pack. The celebratory DeAngelo wins this one's photo wars.
And there was my first Young Guns card of Series 2. I hosed up the bottom of the scan, there's still the blue on the lower border.
Here's the photo highlights in the box. Outdoor games! Alternate uniforms! Masks! Celebrations!
And the rest of the Young Guns content. Nothing too big, I guess Morgan Frost is probably the best of the lot.
But there was one more YG card in the box. In the last pack, to be precise. The Clear Cut YG are case hits, so that's a pretty good pull, even if it isn't one of the big names. And if you're looking at the last name and wondering if he's related to a former NHL Primeau, it is Keith's son.
While I didn't get any YG Senators, there was the base team set in there. They warrant 7 cards, for some reason.
Inserts! The portraits return here. There were 4, but these really don't warrant all 4 getting scanned. Didn't they have an even slightly less derpier photo for smaller one?
Canvas cards are pretty bland photographically, but that Giordano from the outdoor game in Regina saves this grouping. The Canvas YG are one in every two boxes.
Looks like I'm ending with the O-Pee-Chee updates. Good variety in this grouping, with another rare pull in that red card. They're 1:307 packs for the Marquee Rookies, so when combined with the vet updates the reds are also one per case.

So, two case hits (even though they aren't really hits in the technical sense) in one box is pretty nice.

I'll have some Series 1 baseball next post. I promise!


  1. Keith Primeau's son is an NHL prospect? Man, I feel old.

  2. Sweet cards. Funny timing, I was today years old when I learned that Jakob Lilja is actually *not* a rookie because he’s 26 (even though he never played in the big leagues till this year). Boom, roasted, Upper Deck!

  3. Two case hits. That's pretty awesome. Congratulations!

  4. I had no idea it was out yet! I really took to this year's design. I'll be getting a box at some point, hopefully soon.