Saturday 29 February 2020

Catching Up With the Raptors - Part 1

I've spent some time over the past week entering my Raptors collection into TCDB. Almost 1300 cards (including NCAA ones) later, it is done. So, I'll celebrate this weekend by showing off some newness in the collection. Today, 2019-20 goodies! With the cost of even retail being insane this year due to Zion chasing, pretty much all I'm doing is buying the Raptors spot in group breaks. Here's some of the acquisitions.
I missed this when I did the Hoops recap a few months back, but there was a red backed parallel of Pascal Siakam in the mix of that.
If you want to see the front of a Spicy P card, here you are!
Winning the photographic wars of these cards is a super-excited Serge Ibaka. Probably something he ate. I've already thrown a couple parallels of this into my COMC inventory.
I'll stay with Prizm for an insert with a historic feel to it.
/49 was about as low-numbered as my parallels got, with this Press Proof Blue Laser parallel.
Next up in terms of parallels was this /100 Cosmic parallel of Kyle Lowry.
But there was one hit in the whole bunch, and it probably will remain that way until Terence Davis starts making regular appearances, with this Kyle Lowry swatch /75. I'm certain I'm really close to a complete Lowry jersey by now through cards.

And there you have it! COMC stuff tomorrow!

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  1. This Zion mania is causing me to get less cards this year than normal as well.

    I really wish they would not do the red back parallels...and I'm a parallel fanatic. Or at least make them different on the front.