Thursday 5 September 2019

Group Breaking my Way to the National - Part 3

It ends with the basketball.
As before, I'm not showing off all the base cards, just the notable ones to keep this a respectable length. So, here's one of the reddest cards ever to start off with a James Harden from a shininess themed mixer. Yes, that red parallel /99 really feels like the red equivalent of 1991 Fleer's yellowness.
And if not for the portion of the card set away for Calvin's signature, this could also contend for the reddest card of the break. The penmanship isn't bad either from the HOFer.
One of the teams I landed in a Select/Chronicles mixer was the Atlanta Hawks. After failing to land any appearance of Trae Young when I busted a personal box of the stuff, this should remedy the situation. But first, here's the ageless Vince Carter in purple parallel form.
And this was the best of the Trae content, another purple parallel as well. The Elements design looks so great with the contrasting colour/B&W photos.
The other team I landed was the Celtics. I always welcome some cards for my #2 team, especially green swatches.
If autographs are more your thing, here's a pair of them as well.
But this Vanguard/Chronicles autographs celebrate the best of both worlds. There's a swatch, combined with an on-card autograph of the Chief! That's the second HOF auto in this post. With the greenish background to the photo, that makes an absolute beauty of a card.

Silver pack highlights ahoy!
I guess I can call that Langford a Celtics card as well, as he was a first rounder for them in the past draft. Morant went a little higher though, being grabbed by Memphis in the second spot. If you remember from yesterday, these are both, *sigh*, magnetic fur parallels.
You want a four-colour patch? Here's one!
You want a low numbered swatch from a Rookie of the Year? Here's one!
And if you want one more autograph before you leave, well, here's one as well.

And that's a whole bunch of National cards! I'll probably hit the lower end of things with the next post with a repack.

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