Monday, 2 November 2015

The Blaster of Regret

I've had this post on the back burner for two months. Might as well do it on a Monday.

In the card aisle. Want to bust something, but not hockey. That basically leaves baseball, or the various games available. The only baseball there were blasters of Series 2 and hanger boxes. I opted for the former. I'm not proud.

So, here are my top 5 cards in the blaster, based solely on my discretion and in the order they upload.
Since the file was named andrelton.jpg, this is first up. This is actually a pretty good card, since it is one of the SP variations. They fall at a rate of 1:67 in the retail packs, which is about 1 in 5 blasters, assuming I correctly remember how many packs were in this thing. I'm torn between "I really wish such a beautiful card were not a short print" and "A photo like this makes a tough pull even more special". Anyhow, nice to land a keeper.
Nice to get some Expo content in this box. Combining with his appearance in Stadium Club this year, this marks Floyd's first Expos card from Topps since 2002.
From a first home run insert card to the promised first home run manu-relic, here's the latter. I really, really like that it features a defunct team on the logo. I just wish the back had more about his first home run instead of the bog standard Congratulation spiel.
Mets insert content!
Not quite Mets content yet, but I'll take a new Tyler Clippard for the 2/14 collection. Especially since there won't be a lot of cards of him as an Athletic.

So, a variation and the Harmon make this a little less shameful of a purchase, but I still am not proud of myself.


  1. Wow - a 2015 Cliff Floyd insert card

  2. Not usually a fan of manu-relics, but that Killebrew is a beaut.

  3. Kudos Topps. Great photography on that Simmons SP.