Sunday, 8 November 2015

2015 Fall Expo Goodies Part 3: 3 Downs. 1 Box.

My favourite Upper Deck product of the year dropped just before the show. If just means a couple weeks and there not being anywhere near the hype of the S1 hockey. Maybe because there are no cards of anybody named Connor in this one.
Here's a couple of the base cards. I did complete the 100 card base set of offense players with about 20 or so dupes of this portion left over. Bills fans should recognize the last name on Luke Tasker. He's Steve's son.
Here's the card backs. How can you hate any card that includes a team called the "Milan Rhinos"?
101-150 are the defensive/special team cards. These are SP'd, along with the rest of the 101-200 portion at 1 per pack. Bear Woods has both an awesome name and the best white guy dreads ever. He has autos in this set where he's just written BEAR 48 on the sticker.
All-Stars make up the 151-175 portion of the set. These players also appear in the base set with regular cards. SJ Green was the only card I pulled in this set that wasn't an Alberta-based team card.
The rookies wrap up the last 25 cards. At least this year, they are actually rookies. Last year, it also included guys just making their CFL debuts. So, that meant there were rookie cards of Steve Slaton, Chad Ocho Cinco and Troy Smith. Here you have a couple great names in Sukh Chungh and Shaquille Murray-Lawrence as well as Air Canada, Brandon Bridge. He's also a bit of rarity. Although he played in the NCAA, there have not been many Canadian QBs in the CFL.
8 OPC cards were in the box, as expected. I hadn't seen this portion of the checklist, so pulling a Jeff Garcia was a pleasant surprise. 
The two promised relics. I didn't see any white relics last season, but they do make an appearance this year. Marauder remains the best French from English translation of a football position.
And I got a tough pull from this box! Autos fall at a rate of 1 per 96 packs, or every 4 boxes. I was really happy to see this pop out. 

A really fun box of stuff from my favourite league!

But wait, there is still more!
Here's an auto of the aforementioned Brandon Bridge.
And Terrence Toliver, who made an appearance in the base set of the CFL, and is seen here in an on-card auto from 2011 Platinum. He's with my beloved Hamilton Tiger-Cats now, so grabbing a cheap autograph of him was an easy decision.

And there you have it!


  1. Fun break! I wish I could get a box of these. All I see is blasters on ebay

  2. Nice box, always fun to rip CFL cards.

  3. If you have an extra Greg Jones. I will take it...