Saturday 28 October 2023

S1 Sens

 Series One from Upper Deck dropped a little over a week ago. I've picked a couple packs, and got the Senators in a group break. Here's the results of the latter, with the former up tomorrow.

Here's the base content. Face-off photos rule, and it is almost enough to make me forget about Pinto's suspension (and not zoom into see the ad on the side of his helmet). Oh the ironing!
Here's the Young Guns. I didn't land a Leevi Merilainen, but a card of a goalie currently in the AHL shouldn't be too costly when it shows up on epack. 
Parallels! Here's one of the clear cut parallels. These fell at a rate of 1 in every 4 boxes. 
Parallel #2. These are new this year and are 'Outburst' parallels. They're listed at 1:30 packs (2.5 boxes), but seemed to be a little closer to 1 in every hobby box. Maybe that's for Young Guns. Either way, this is probably the best player I could get one of in the set.
The hobby format really overloads the inserts. There are 3 of them (or 2 and a YG) per pack. My favourite that I landed a card of might be these 200*85s. They might look pretty generic, but...
as seen on this gold parallel (1 every third box, with a 100 card set), there's a nice little feature across the set.
Home jersey on the front photo - road jersey on the back photo. It is nice to see a return to different photos on both sides of the card.
Here's a returning insert series - Honor Roll.

And it provides my only numbered card of the break in this silver rainbow parallel /250!
More inserts! That's actually my first DeBrincat card where he's pictured with and listed with the Sens. So there's that. I didn't get any Portraits in this, but I did in my packs - and they're...out there this year.

There you have it!

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