Monday 23 October 2023

2/14s from Michigan

 Back to the ol' TMV mailer again, and all the 2/14 babies contained within.

I'm legit surprised I didn't have this card already in the collection. From 2019, it was the first mainstream card, and he wouldn't see a Bowman card until 2020. Am I still bitter about the Varsho trade? Yup, and not just for it preventing another large overlap between it and my Jays collection.
He might be the latest example of a flash-in-the-pan in MLB, but at least Yermin's blazing start to the 2021 season made for a lot of cards available to the collection. 29 so far! 
From 999 copies, to 250 copies, to just 1, the baseball portion wraps up with a printing plate of the recently retired Tyler Clippard. He made a bunch of stops over his career, which makes for a nice obscure pick when I'm trying to add 2/14 guys to an immaculate grid.

Current record for the most 2/14 guys on a grid - a tie with 4, including this one on Sunday.

That number on Sanchez is nice, but he isn't the most obscure guy I've ever put on. (With Cleveland and 'only played for one team').
Off to the gridiron.
This, and my recent sportlots order, had a lot of junk wax era stuff of Jim Kelly in it, so I'm somewhat surprised to compare the cards in each and find that the UD card in the upper corner was the only dupe between the two. I'm surprised I didn't have that one sooner in either collection, since it also hits the sweet spot of infield dirt in the photo, and traces to the no-punt game against the 49ers. 
Drew Bledsoe wins the volume battle with 7 new cards for the 2/14 collection. After the McNairfest in the previous post, he's still solidly in third place among gridiron guys in the collection, with 180, 40+ behind Steve.
Numbered card! 
Relics! While I like the Alshon on the card, I might love the oddness of a red Giants relic even more. But that's only for that card - a Jim Kelly hit will always rule the day!

And there you have it!

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