Wednesday 25 October 2023

For Tip-Off: A Raptors Megapost

Sure, the season really tipped off last night. But, aside from seeing Jamal Murray pick up his ring, the real interest I have starts tonight with the Raptors starting their season. And here's a bunch of cards from varied sources to celebrate.

The hologram opener comes as part of the latest TMV incoming mail. Bonus: You can't see it from the scan, but the background of the hologram is from a game against the Grizzlies.
Here's the rest of the Raptors content from the mailer. That VanVleet is acetate, appropriate for that insert set name. I've opted to call that Delgado/Carter dual card a Raptors one. Why? I'm not sure. The Hoops Premium cards on the bottom are Red Cracked Ice and Green Pulsar respectively.
I don't just fill sportlots orders to the next shipping level with 2/14 guys. Sometimes, I use Raptors. Love that Bosh photo.
Here's some COMC picks. The island on the Stoudamire reminds me of some of the Magnitude designs seen in Chronicles. I'm probably the only person that liked those purple/black jerseys like Siakam is sporting. More people would probably wonder why they're used on a set saluting 75 years worth of the NBA.
Here's someone that was sort of on my wantlist for a bit. I had his Instant card on there, since there were more of those out there than his NT relics. But when this showed up on COMC, I had to overpay for it. At least it is supposedly game-worn. And when you want a card of every Raptor who got a card with the team, you're willing to do a stupid thing or two.

Group break stuff!
I'm sure I've been sitting on these for almost two months waiting to show them off at the right time, but here's the base team set from Mosaic. As always with these Chrome-ish cards, they show off every speck of dust and grime on my scanner bed. 
But that also means lots of shiny parallels! Here's the basic silver.
The Mosaics.
And the blues, of which these are /199.
But nothing beats a colour-match parallel. This unnumbered card wins the day in this break. 
I'm not sure why I avoided Prizm this year. It wasn't cost - the Raptors weren't too expensive this year. I finally pulled the trigger this year on a break of a few Fast Break boxes. I might not have come close to a complete set, only halfway there, but that's expected from only 3 boxes.
If I'm only get one silver and one fast break parallel, it might as well be of Vince Carter.
This break worked out pretty nicely for a lower-priced spot. Here's a /150 fast break parallel.
Another colour match! This one is /100.
No better way to end this than another Koloko autograph. It is my 3rd of his, joining a pair of Recon cards. For a second rounder, he's been perfectly fine, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he can produce with the rookie jitters behind him.

Bring on the season!

There you have it!

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