Sunday 29 October 2023

Pack Sampler - 2023-24 Series 1

 Let's see some non-Senators stuff!

Such as what's contained in these packs!
Evan Bouchard was my first pack-pulled hockey card of the season. He was also lurking on the second card, in an interesting piece of collation.
There looks to be a lot of alternate jersey photos getting their moment to shine in the release.
The YG cards, despite being a base card, are grouped with, and considered as an insert in the packs. They appear in every other pack, so even with fewer packs per hobby box, the overall count of them per box remains the same.
Here's some insert sets that had been seen in the previous post.
And a couple that didn't show up. The Stamkos is a Star Zone insert, which reminds me of some of the tie-dye parallels seen in Panini's shinier releases.

Portraits. F'n Portraits. At least the insert set is a little smaller this year, which almost makes up for the sheer drug-induced insanity they are this season. And the wardrobe is different for each player. Drugs is the only explanation. 

But there you have it!


  1. I like those retro unis, and the Stamkos insert.

    YGs are 1:2 now? I guess they should be, if packs cost 2x as much as they used to.

  2. First time I've seen the base cards this year. I like them. This UD Portraits set may be the best one they've ever done. I may have to chase them on COMC after I am sure I won't be pulling any more from packs myself.