Monday, 30 January 2023

Mailbag 2/14s

 Back to back posts from the TMV bubbler! Because why not?

Normally, I lead with something leaning towards the base end of the groupings. Today, I start with one of the better ones. Is it because the Alshon-less Eagles are on their way to Super Bowl? Not really, but Alshon was the volume king of the 2/14s in this.
6 cards was enough to do that in this post. He's now at the 135 mark with a nice mix of cards from the Bears and Eagles days, with a handful of NCAA ones as well. 
Drew Bledsoe was the other football guy to have multiple cards with these 3. That BledsOe's had been on my wantlist for a while, mainly because I didn't want to pull the trigger on it for $8 over at COMC, but I still liked the pun and the cheesiness of it. I loved the 'Crunch Time' of Pascal Siakam, so why shouldn't this one be a favourite? 

Steve McNair does seem to have a rather derpy face on his card, but it is all about the numbers as I approach the 3500 mark, so I'll take it.
Hackenberg has to lead the NFL portion of the collection in terms of number of cards compared to games played with 26. But. especially after having a Mr. Irrelevant see success this past season, I remain confident that there will be another QB drafted that has little chance of seeing the field, but still getting a pile of cards, just so they don't miss out. 

Kennedy Burke made her collection debut not that long ago, with an appearance in the WNBA Prizm release. With all of the parallels,  this card has 18 other variations out there. I've got 3 of them. With this, she's 1 behind Kara Lawson for the WNBA lead. That seems odd, since Lawson's career was 13 seasons. Oh the days before all these parallels.
Speaking of parallels, here's as low as you can go for print run. And I'm now halfway towards being able to produce my own photos of Brandon Sutter. WOO-HOO!

And there you have some more cards from that mailer! Thanks for all these, and the cards still to be displayed here!

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  1. Is that Bledsoe cereal card a subset or insert? I've never seen them before. $8 would be a bit much but it's interesting for sure.