Monday 2 January 2023

Still Cleaning up 2022

I purchased this sometime last summer. Might as well get it out of the way early in the year! 

Here's the base card look. Anytime that the team colours go with the design, that's a great card. And while I can't see myself starting a 'Canadians in the NFL' PC, this particular hanger box would have provided a nice start to that PC.

I'm not scanning the next baker's dozen worth of other veteran base cards. Here's the first parallel.
This is the 'sparkle' parallel. I'd call it more 'murky' than 'sparkle'.
Here are the inserts. Pretty bland as a group, but at least there was a Trevor Lawrence in the mix. 
The rookies are slightly SPd in the 101-200 portion of the set. But, considering they have game photos, this is a lot nicer portion of a larger base set than the ones with rookie premiere photos. The Moore is particularly nice.
5 parallels seem like as lot for a 30 card hanger, but it did add another Chase Claypool to the not-happening Canadians in the NFL PC (along with the Hubbard insert) and another rookie card photo in the Powell that is better than anything the rookie premiere could produce.

I guess, on the whole, this was a middle-of-the-road box, but that's perfectly fine when there's no Bills content in the mix.

There you have it!


  1. That's a really cool set. If I collected football I'd be chasing that one like crazy.

  2. Thanks for showing off the cards!