Friday 13 January 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 2.3 - A Week of Surprises

 Hockey for the finale!

Looks like I get supplies as part of this one. But since I had a COMC shipment arrive and need to repackage stuff for future mailouts, that's OK.

As expected, the 70s/80s was all 80s. But I did get a pushpin 1988, and that Kevin Lowe was probably one of the more action-packed base cards of that set, if not the decade.
The HOF pack gave me an insert with that Fuhr, and a patriotic entry for Mike Gartner, so there's also something interesting to go alongside the solid names of this repack.
I guess all three of these count as Superstars. That's all I ask for from one of these. Rantanen is the second non-base card in this, it is the green parallel out of 2018 Ice. I'd still give up the parallels for these cards just to be acetate base cards again.

The 90s pack. Except for that Moog card, that's what I expected from this - lots of early 90s stuff. Still, coming off the most recent edition of the World Juniors, that is a nice looking Brisebois. 

Definitely not the most exciting one I've ever busted, but if I get a couple keepers, I'm happy. 

There you have it!

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  1. Until seeing this card, I had no recollection of Moog ever playing a for the Canadiens. After thinking about it, I have vague memories of it. I guess that is one thing cards are good for, to jog our memories.