Tuesday 17 January 2023

They Keep Getting Younger

 I guess when you have a collection based around birthdays, the person who holds the position of being the youngest in the collection will constantly change. As long as cards of actual children don't come out, that position will probably be filled by somebody with a Canadian Hockey League card. 

That position was previously held Tommy Budnick, and with this card, he is tied with a second player born in 2004. Here's a CHL card of Nolan Lalonde. And since he is debuting in my collection, let's debut him in style with an Exclusives parallel. He wasn't drafted in the most recent draft, but it does appear that he signed with Columbus. So, there's still hope for some NHL cards.

As for Colby Barlow, he seems far more likely to be making future appearances. He's eligible in the next entry draft, and several mock drafts have him going around the 11th overall position. So, this might actually result in somebody with a lot of cards to collect in the near future, especially considering how UD tends to put rookies in every imaginable release.

He's also born in 2005, and that makes him the youngest member of the 2/14 collection.  

I'm not sure who the oldest member of the collection would be, but I'd guess Frederick Douglass until I can do a more detailed look.

There you have it!