Sunday 29 January 2023

Mailbag: Bills, Bills, Bills

I'll be taking many trips into the recent TMV mailer over the next couple weeks with a bunch of theme posts. Even with there being no Bills action for the foreseeable future, Sunday still seems like a perfect day to show things off.
I had both these cards on my reasonable wantlist, and would have been happy with either of them. How can I not want a card that features a nose tackle celebrating a TD? It is even better that this is two different photos of the same moment. The position itself hasn't made appearances on cards for ages, as they now use the more generic DT listing, so there's also that little bit of rareness. BJ Raji might have been the last to be listed as such, but I really don't feel like looking through every card.
With "Sauce" Gardner showing up this past season to join with "Boogie", I love that nicknames are starting to appear on player's cards again. While I don't think we'll get back to the days of Rock Raines and Doc Gooden, I'll take this where I can get it.

2 cards. Four Hall of Famers! I guess I could call that Dynasty card a 2/14 one for the presence of Jim Kelly, but the extra names do make it more of a Bills card.
Numbered parallels!

Hit Parade time! Moss didn't really make an Instant Impact with the Bills, but Nyheim Hines sure did with those 2 KO returns for TDs after they were traded for each other. 
At least once per game when Nick O'Leary would get a touch, the announcers would be certain to mention that he is the grandson of Jack Nicklaus. So I might as well continue the tradition with the posting of a couple of his autos. 

Jonathan Williams wins the numbers battle of the Bills portion with this trio of hits. Pen Pals tend to be the first on-card autographs in NFL releases, and even if, like Williams, they don't pan out, they are among the more popular options for autographs.  And we get all three team colours represented among the swatches, since there is a hint of red on the Limited patch. The blue one is from a rather basic Panini release, but all the foil makes it look like something that might come from a higher end set. 

And now I still have 2/14, Raptors, Mets and Miscellany to show off. PROGRESS!

There you have it!

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