Wednesday 1 February 2023

Another Chronicles 21-22 NBA Pack


Just another example of a pack I've had lurking around for a bit, but just have been too lazy to scan some of the contents of and post. 

Absolute provides the first card of the pack, and an example of how small the font can be when necessary. 
The important thing for me - how many Scottie Barnes cards were in the pack. And there were two of them. The Marquee is a new one for me, but the Essentials was a dupe. 
Shifting to hanger pack exclusives, here's the 4 Scores.
But the Fun Facts are more interesting to me as usual. Even with 2 of the 6 cover boys represented among the Scores.

Here's the green parallels. BONES!
And here's a sampling of some of the sets represented among the designs. Like with the football release, the Playbook design really looks good with the full team colour border, so it might be favourite among the sets seen in this post. Luminance was kinda blah this year.

But there you have it!

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