Monday 27 February 2023

Stats on the Back

 Sure, this might look like just your typical hockey card from the early 90s for an expansion team.

But the back tells the real story.

You have to read into the biography for it, but 648 minutes worth of chaos seems to still be the one-season record, unless some obscure goon leaguer has since surpassed it. It might be the IHL in general, but he also put up 50 points that season as well. 

1991 Score provided the only NHL level card for this king. 

There you have it!


  1. Good lord that's a lot of PIMs. How have I never heard of this guy?

    Oh, because he just had this one card. But still.. if this undersized fella was the pro hockey penalty king, I should have heard/read about that somewhere.

  2. Back in the 90's... I was at the peak of my Sharks fandom. It was back when I was trying to learn the game and memorize as many names (Sharks or otherwise) on the ice. But I have zero recollection of Evans.