Tuesday 21 February 2023

Mailbag: Jays

 Back to the TMV bubbler again!

Number one and the best for Blue Jays content was this card that dropped off of my most wanted list. Why was this on there in the first place? How could I not want a Starting Lineup card for Rance Mulliniks? 
Especially when I had a Tom Henke sitting in my COMC to-be-posted box to keep it company? If the standings were determined by goofy looking cards versus wins/losses, then the Jays would won the World Series several times over in the late 80s.
Maybe this will be the breakout year for Cavan Biggio. And maybe it won't, but in terms of both volume and shininess, he did win those portions of the Jays content in this post.

And the rest of 'em! I'm not sure if that Wells/Delgado will end up in either the Jays collection or the Delgado collection, but I'll probably opt for the ladder once I start going through the binders looking for appropriate homes. Richard Urena didn't really pan out in Toronto, but he did spend parts of a few seasons with the team, and that's still enough to make him count towards the binder. That Halladay is from the Moments & Milestones set that had a couple hundred base cards for each player. Have fun building that set! 

On the bottom row, there's an always fun team-colour parallel for Joey Bats from 2013, and Adeiny Hechavarria rounds things out. He went to the Marlins in the trade that brought Jose Reyes to Toronto.

Only Mets and Miscellany to go!

There you have it!  

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  1. Nice lot of Biggio there, the Future Stars card in particular really pops. The SLU oddballs are neat. I actually have the Talking Baseball stadium in my closet. I'll have to see if the deck of cards are still there.