Saturday 4 February 2023

2/14s from COMC - Part 1

There was a lot of 2/14 content in my latest COMC mailer. Enough that I'm spreading it out over 3 posts. I've already shown off some the newest faces in the collection. Over this and my next post, it will be time for the more familiar faces of the collection. 

Somewhat surprisingly, I still haven't added any 2022 entry to the binders yet, whether his base card from Topps flagship or any of his hits from Panini releases. So, the extent of my Yermin additions in this post come from an Overdrive parallel from Chronicles. 

The King of the first post is Len Gabrielson, who moves up to an even dozen appearances with some sweet, sweet vintage! The first 3 are from mainstream releases (Floating heads!) but the bottom two are a little more obscure. The B&W is from a 1969 Milton Bradley game, while the other is a Sports Collectors Photostamp, also from 1969. His 1965 OPC card is the last major card of his I don't have, and I've also put his 1990 Target card on my wantlist. 

Hunter Barnhart provides the only hit in this post, with an autograph out of 2020 Elite Extra Edition. He's been fighting the injury bug so far in his career, with only a single appearance in 2022 so far. But that has no influence on any desire of mine to acquire as many of his cards for the binders as I can.
Topps returned to basketball releases with 2021 Finest. It consisted primariy of retired players in their street clothes. Boring, but at least it did give me a chance to add a new Gheorge Muresan card to the collection, seeing as any card counts. And yes, cards of former Raptors will also count for that collection. 
It might make for something different when it comes to the photo, but that Ultra card really looks like one that should appear on a Chris King card as opposed to an Edney. I don't have any of his in my Grizzlies collection, so that would have solved one problem.
Rip Hamilton remains in the lead of the basketball portion of the collection,  moving to 92 with these additions. I probably should push him over the 100 mark sooner rather than later, but I just find it kind of bland with there really only being two players, him and Muresan, that have a significant number of cards available. 

And since there really was no other place to put this, here's a manufactured patch that counts towards to collection. Since Oregon became a state on 2/14, cards devoted to the state do count. There's also an Arizona manupatch, but it looks like these inserts were shorter printed for more recent statehoods, so it is a little costlier than this one. 

There you have it!

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  1. I was wondering how the Oregon patch was related to your 2/14 collection. You really go in-depth with it, which is neat.

    That 2021 Topps Finest baffled me - like, who would pay the SRP for retired players in street clothes? - but it's always great to see Gheorge on the blogs.