Sunday 12 February 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 4 - Dollarama Catchup

 Time to reach in the soon-to-be-restocked repack box, with this time resulting in a few pick-ups from Dollarama. 

Here's the contents. I generally just grab whatever is within closest reach, but with a Sens card visible on one of them that I didn't have, I'll make the slightest effort to stretch.

Even if Matt Murray's time in Ottawa wasn't the most memorable, I'll still welcome it. 
The photos in behind it were really strong, with a nice pair of horizontal cards that both use that orientation nicely. The Friesen photo is pretty unique as well. 
The next group was as dull as the first was interesting. Corriveau never played a game with the Blues, or any NHL team for that manner. That's an airbrushed London Knights OHL jersey he's sporting. 
And another solid photo to end it. Pinnacle is what I imagine we'd get if the Canvas inserts from flagship ever became a stand-alone set. 
While SP Authentic opened the first repack, this one has the retail SP version.
There's some star power here with the second grouping, and a set I don't see that much of in repacks, with 1996-97 Donruss providing the Lefebvre.
That Leafs jersey card was part of a subset in 1991-92 Platinum to highlight the jerseys that Original Six teams sometimes sported during the season for the 75th Anniversary. 
I don't know if this is a goal celebration card, or just one where Gerbe is complaining to the referee about being knocked into the net, but it is the most interesting card of a very dull group.

Off to the Surprise Bag, which is now down to just 3 items. But at least I get some toploaders to use when my next bubblers go out.

They fibbed to me! I not only got 4 cards instead of 3, but 2 rookie cards instead of just 1. Or 4 rookies instead of 1. Either way - BONUS! Of the four rookies shown, only Yakushin didn't have too lengthy a career on this side of the Atlantic. Timonen is the biggest success story of the group, with a 16 year career, and probably the only one in this post to get a shout out from President Obama

Timmies card! Timmies card! Food issue! WOO-HOO! And even if they are early 90s cards, there's a pair of Hall of Famers in there too.

With the Timonen/Cote and some of the nice photos in the first repack, that was a really good grouping of cards! 

There you have it!


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  1. I like that Liut card, dont think I've ever seen that photo before.