Thursday 23 February 2023

The Finest in Blue Jays

Another group break goodies post, with some chrome-y cards out of 2022 Finest. After a couple years of very garish backgrounds, they're a lot more subdued this year.

This is where I'd show off some parallels to gauge whether they work better with these designs, but that's not happening, since I didn't get any base card parallels in this case. Not even a simple refractor of any of these 4 cards. 
Will the insert sets improve my haul? Well, here's some shininess.

But that's it for the non-auto inserts. I guess it will be up to the autographs to save the break. And they certainly did. It looked pretty dire at first, but then the final two boxes of the break provided me with a trio of Jays autographs.
I guess if you're getting into a break that involves a lot of rookies, you should probably expect getting some Otto Lopez content. His signature might not be the best, but it still a lot better looking than the Tylor Megill signatures that I'd get in Mets breaks.
How do you make an autograph of the same player even better? Make it a team-colour parallel! For those that are interested in collation oddness, both these Lopez autos came in the same box. That sounds horrible for someone that buys a personal box, not so much for a group break. 

As for autograph #3?
Yes! This is certainly a keeper! It comes from the Finest Moments insert set, and judging by the hint of a 1993 World Series patch, this photo comes from the finest moment in Joe Carter's career, and probably team history as well. Topps seems to be getting some mileage from that moment this season, with this post-game celebration showing up on the Stadium Club base card earlier. I've already got a Joe Carter autograph out of Flawless /10, but the specifics behind this one make it so much better.

It is hard to land a better Jays auto than this one! 

There you have it!

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