Wednesday 25 November 2020


A hobby box of Chronicles this season was way too costly for me to take a chance. Even blasters were probably a no-go. But this? Just right!

Threads - PJ Washington Jr - And we're underway!
Prestige - Kevin Porter Jr
Chronicles - Kawhi Leonard - The base design for the base Chronicles. Even though it is really just one huge set with most of the designs technically being base cards.
Prestige - Kendrick Nunn 
Chronicles - Damian Lillard
Threads - Zion Williamson - There's the guy we're looking for.
Chronicles - Karl-Anthony Towns
Prestige - Cameron Johnson
Chronicles - Trae Young - A nice thing about this set is that there are a nice number of the City/alternate jerseys used for the photos.
Luminance - Darius Garland
Panini - Ja Morant - This was probably the base card I wanted most from this. Not only is it of one of the "chase" players, he's sporting the Vancouver Grizzlies throwbacks! AWESOME!
Donruss - KY Bowman
Playbook - Sekou Doumbouya

Luminance - Nickeil Alexander-Walker - The full-bleed Luminance might be my favourite set featured in Chronicles.
Panini - Jarrett Culver
Playbook - Terence Davis - I'll take this as my Raptors content, despite Terence's legal issues. Mainly because Superfan Nav is visible courtside!
Luminance - Jordan Poole
Panini - Rui Hachimura

Classics - Nickeil Alexander-Walker
Classics - Cam Reddish
Classics - Giannis Antetokoumpo
Classics - RJ Barrett - Classics are hanger box exclusives in this, and I approve of the simple, yet colourful front design, and the "Did You Know?" facts on the back.
Playbook Green - Luka Doncic
Threads Green - Sekou Doumbouya - Greens are also hanger box exclusives. Those alternate Pistons uniforms are something else. And by something else, I mean ugly.
Flux - Cam Reddish - Flux is a set making its debut in this release. I don't mind the red hues, since it does work with the Hawks unis, but likely not so nice on a team without red in its scheme.
Hometown Heroes - Cam Reddish
XR - Zion Williamson - Another Zion! And he's sporting the city uni as well. Of the two Zions in here, I think I like the Threads one more with the simple look.
Elements - Jordan Poole
Recon - Tyler Herro - Another new set. 
XR Green - Kendrick Nunn - And we end it with another parallel, and another City uniform.

Two Zions, and Ja Morant in the Vancouver look would be enough to make this a great box on their own, but throw in a few more name rookies, and some solid designs, and it is a winner. But I still wouldn't want to spend more than I did for this on a blaster or hobby box. A nice value.

I've got a whole lot of Chronicles baseball to get to as well that I got during the hiatus, but that will likely wait until next week.


  1. I think Chronicles would do my head on with all the different designs.

    Nice to have you back blogging btw

  2. Crazy product. So many designs. Congratulations on pulling those key rookie cards.