Tuesday 24 November 2020

Mailbag! Pockets Picked!

Off to the mailbag today, and a PWE that arrived from Julie @ A Cracked Bat, and some picked pockets of random cards that interested me.

Considering I've got such a large collection that salutes my birthday, why don't I take a card that salutes someone else's? If only there was a Bowman-worthy prospect born on 2/14.

I always enjoy cards of people that didn't get too many over the course of their career. Harper would see more than Sparks with 7 seasons of big league experience over two, but the latter still got a handful of prospect cards. And it is a parallel too!

Let's keep the Tampa parallel train humming with a sepia Austin Meadows!

The headshot and the action photo here really give a vibe from my recent Gold Label group break. 

And let's throw some CanCon in as well.

Wrapping it up, here's a nice selection of Expos, Jays and Mets content among the rest. I can't recall which were 'picked' cards and which were just bonus envelope filler, but it is still a welcome grouping.

There you have it!

1 comment:

  1. Love how that photograph on the Meadows sepia captures all of the fans in the background. Very cool card.