Friday 13 November 2020

Returning With some Odd Literature


I figured I'd take between one and two months off, and this seems right-in-the-middle enough to return. My baby girl is now 4 months and 1 day old, and she's loving her first autumn. While my COMC package seems destined to arrive next week, I've got enough group break stuff, boxes and repacks to recap, and Series 1 of UD hockey is set to drop Wednesday.

Let's keep the scanning to a minimum with a one card post. I landed the Cubs in a random group break of Panini's new National Treasures release, and that's where this card comes from.

Can you judge a book card by its cover? At least you know exactly what will be inside!

And that's what is found inside: A random piece of paper with Ryne Sandberg's auto on it. I am stumped as to why this is a cut autograph, when Ryne is not only very much alive, but alive enough to have hard-signed autographed cards in this very product

Still, it is a really nice looking card, and you don't really notice the missing logos too much.

And here's the most verbose portion of the book.

There you have it!


  1. Welcome back! That is a great pull but yeah, they definitely could have had Sandberg sign on-card :/

  2. It does seem a bit daft. Welcome back though!

  3. A. Welcome back.
    B. Your puppy is super cute.
    C. Is that a label that Sandberg signed?
    D. Never knew he was an All-American QB. Pretty cool.

  4. Airedales are the goodest of all dogs.
    The book card is puzzling, because I know Sandberg signs a ton. Still, pretty nice hit!