Monday, 23 January 2017

Black Friday 2-14 Additions - The Hockey Portion

Time for this short series to draw to a close with the final sport.
This card was lurking on my top 10 list for a long time. Finally, it dropped to a reasonable price level and I nabbed it during the BF sales. A memorable throwback design with a very 1971 (or 2014 Archives insert) look to it, but just different enough to keep the lawyers away. And that suit!
With MVP being part of the e-pack program, some of the parallels and inserts are absurdly cheap on COMC. Here's one of those cheap cards.
And here's another!
This is the second appearance of this image in the binder. This point-collection redemption joins a prime jersey swatch that I grabbed at the past Expo. At least it is an interesting photo across the two cards.
Victory really changed up their Stars of the Game insert series for the 2009-10 release, opting for more of a comic book motif. It really looks different from the white-bordered base cards in the set, and might be my favourite look for this insert set.
Finally, the only hit I added was this Ehlers swatch. I really like that this is a light blue swatch, not the most common colour available for Jets' swatches.

There you have it. Something non-2/14 related tomorrow.

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