Sunday, 15 January 2017

A Revolution?

I was going to wait a couple of weeks until the Royal Rumble weekend to post these blaster recaps, but since RAZ beat me to it, I might as well get these up today. The only wrestling option at Wally World was blasters devoted to the women's division(s) of the WWE, so it was a pair of these to scratch the itch of busting some wrestling stuff.
First card out from the two 51 card packs comes from the Legends portion of the base. It was definitely a surprise to see her on the checklist, as she doesn't appear to have had a WWE card since her original run with the company.
The backs of the cards. You can't really do stats on the back with this, so the biography is appropriate.
The 43 card base set is devoted to legends (1 through 12), active talent (13 through 36) and developmental talent (37-43). Not much difference in designs between the three except for the logo, and the colour of the stripe. The Lita is one of only a couple base cards that feature an action shot.
Some of the checklist for current talent includes announcers and the like. There are a few wrestlers on the list that haven't been seen on TV for months, such as Eva Marie, Rosa Mendes, and Tamina.
Paige must have really, really been in the doghouse for the company when the checklist came out, as this is pretty much her only appearance in the entire set. The collation was almost perfect between the blasters, as I completed the base set and all but one of the non-hit insert sets.
Some familiar logos can be seen here, with some getting the RC logo, and others getting a Bowman-ish First NXT card one.
Lots of insert sets as well, and the collation was pretty good here as well, as I only missed two cards among all of them. Best Matches features exactly what the insert set is titled. This was home to only card I missed, one for an Alundra Blayze/Bull Nakano match.
Rivalries. Again, exactly what it reads on the insert set title.
The Revolution set is only 4 cards deep, and that features some of the highlights since the arrival of Charlotte/Sasha Banks/Becky Lynch. This is also the only other appearance of Paige in this whole set, with a portion of her arm being there.
The only appearance of the men is in the power couples subset. There's a somewhat even mix of couples whose relationship continued off-screen and ones whose relationship was limited to in front of the crowd.
My fave of the bunch was this one devoted to the champions, for no other reason than to see the various belts throughout the years.
Somewhat surprisingly, both my hits were shirt relics, which come at a rate of 1 in every 8 blasters. Really nice to see a hint of two colours with Charlotte's relic. Both of these are /199.

I struck out on any sort of parallel on any of the cards, but if that means pretty much getting all of the unnumbered base and insert cards, that's a minor complaint.

And there you have it.


  1. Nice break, fun to read. I've seen these blasters at my local Wal-Mart but passed on picking one up. Haven't paid much attention to wrestling in almost 20 years. I'm more of a Golden Age/The New Generation Era fan of wrestling, with a little Attitude Era in there. Was cool to see an Alundra Blayze card in th mix! I remember that match against Bull Nakano. Tell me, is there a Bertha Faye base card in this set?

    I like Bayley, I'd like to have a few cards of her.

  2. Not a bad break at all - and like the base design - makes me consider getting back into collecting wrestling cards.