Sunday, 22 January 2017

Black Friday 2-14 Additions - The Football Portion

Only new hockey left after today.
Starting off with an oddball. There was no Ginter football release. This die-cut of Alshon is from a giveaway at the 2015 National Convention, with the X design for the 10th anniversary of Ginter. I'd rather these ended up in the product instead of those stamped buybacks.
Another die-cut card from 2014 Prizm.
Here's the second #1 overall pick to make an appearance in this post. Unfortunately for Brown, injuries derailed his career.
And here's #3. The Patriots card is certainly one if the odder entries in the collection.
As can be expected for me, Jim Kelly is the big addition to the binder. Aesthetically, my favourite was this red framed Gridiron Kings card.
And to end it, here are some more. I didn't realize when ordering that the Jim Kelly portion was so horizontal. And so holographic. But, after some recounting it looks like Jim Kelly retains the football lead, and third overall, with 66 cards.

And there ends a not-too-verbose post.

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  1. Love that Fleer Bledsoe with the actual patriot looking on - delightfully bizarre!