Friday, 20 January 2017

Black Friday 2-14 Additions - The Baseball Portion

Back to my COMC "to be posted" box, and this time hitting my 2/14 collection with some baseball additions.
My favourite of the baseball grouping is this card from 2015 Update. It is an image variation card, and is from a game I've mentioned here on the blog before. Derek is celebrating a walk-off grand slam, which followed a golden sombrero. It will be an excellent companion piece to this card I picked up about 9 months back.
Oddballs were also a part of this shipment. Off to 1992 and a card from The Wiz (Nobody Beats Them) and a card commemorating Yankees players from the 1980s.
And a police card of Jaime Cocanower. Also an oddly-shaped card, having more of a 4*2.5 measurements.
Looks like I'll be able to fit one of my favourite players into the 2/14 binder with Mookie Wilson lurking on the other side of this sticker from Jaime.
Heritage is always a great way to wrap up a baseball post.

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