Thursday 25 June 2015

Just One Pack...of 2015 Score

I haven't seen any of Panini's NCAA products or 2015 Bowman at my LCS, so Score it is. Here's the contents of a 12 card pack:

And my first 2015 football card is...
Earl Thomas! Actually, a really nice welcome to the 2015 football card season in terms of photographs. A very unique picture in the rain. I found last year's pretty dull, so this is a better welcome to the set. Even though I will probably build Topps yet again.
A re-used photo on the back, but still a nice colourful look.

Kyle Fuller
Justin Forsett
Terrance West
Benny Cunningham
Fred Jackson - WOO-HOO! A Bills card!
Terrance West - Sophomore Selections - Gold Parallel. It is a Terrance West hot pack! Gold parallels in this product aren't numbered, but at least these are inserts as opposed to part of the actual set, which was an annoyance for the team collector in me.
Ty Montgomery  - Here are the rookie cards. No photoshopping or close up shots needed here. OTher than the college uniform and the logo in the upper corner, not much difference between these and the base. Plus, highlighting a Packers draft pick gives me a chance to link to this:

Jamison Crowder
Tony Lippett
Andrew Luck - Franchise - Another insert set.
 Mike Evans - Sophomore Selections -  The base of these are so much nicer (or at least less loud) than the parallels.


  1. I am going to send you all my Packers cards just so you paste that video in everyone of your posts.

  2. I wasn't aware new football cards were out. Thanks for posting. I'm not sure I'll buy any this year, but I like the design. I think Score has done good with their designs in the last couple years.

  3. I just hope the Packers actually win the Super Bowl so that I can have one entire post with that video over and over again!