Thursday, 18 June 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 21: More Rainy Day Repack Cards

The Rainy Day repack cards are repacks I picked up from Target during their liquidation earlier this year, but put aside from posting until now.

2011 Topps Mark Sanchez - Opening with the master of the buttfumble.
1988 Topps Warren Moon - I really like how not only did Topps include his CFL stats on the cards, but they count them against his career stats. So, of course, I scan the front.
1989 Pro Set Mark Carrier
1988 Topps Tony Zendejas - A kicker card!
2008 Threads - Steve Smith
2013 Prizm Jermaine Gresham
1990 Pro Set Robert Blackman
2011 Score Luke Stocker
1986 Topps Kevin Butler - Another kicker card!
2011 Score Cortland Finnegan
2011 Score Randall Cobb
2008 Score Jake Delhomme
2008 Topps Ben Roethlisberger
1991 Ultra Darryl Pollard
1981 Topps Tim Wilson - I'm really liking the 80s cards showing up in this.
1992 UD Tony Mandarich
2008 Press Pass Matt Ryan - When they had a license for the NCAA, Press Pass had some nice looking cards.
1989 Topps Traded Dave Waymer
1991 UD Brian Noble - Such a simple photo in concept, but so great. Despite the presence of Raider hinder.
2006 Topps Ryan Moats
1994 Collector's Choice Qadry Ismail - The Missile!
1991 Pro Set Eric Andolsek - I knew I remembered this name from somewhere. Sadly, it was due to his early passing.
1979 Topps Jimmy Robinson - This guy looks like he was the team hookup for whatever sort of illegal substance the Giants locker room wanted.
1996 UD Derek Loville
1993 Classic Fred Baxter
1991 Stadium Club Charles McRae
2011 Topps Jonathan Stewart
2011 Topps Vincent Jackson
2011 Topps Dustin Keller - I might have hit a wall of '11 Topps, but with great photos, I don't care.
2011 Topps DeAngelo Williams
2011 Topps Dallas Clark
2011 Topps Titans Team Card - Another great photo
2011 Topps Vince Young
2011 Topps Matt Hasselbaeck
2011 Topps Josh Freeman
2011 Topps Braylon Edwards
2010 Score Darren Sproles
2008 Topps Adrian Peterson - I'm not sure what sub(?)/set this is from, but Peterson cards aren't what they once were as pulls.

And for my next post - the other side of the repack!


  1. I'm pretty certain that the buttfumble is going to make me laugh every single time I think of it for the rest of my life.