Friday, 19 June 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 21.2: More Rainy Day Repack Cards

And the other side!
2002 Topps Gallery Tim Couch - The reason I opted for this repack. A nice drawn card of one of the best clipboard holders in the NFL.
2012 Leaf Draft Terrance Ganaway
2012 Leaf Draft Andre Branch
2012 Leaf Draft Robert Griffin III - For an unlicensed set, these actually look really nice.
2003 Rookies & Stars Donte Stallworth - The smallest font I've ever seen on the front of a card.
2002 Topps Chad Pennington
2008 Green Bay Gamers Brian Brohm - I picked up 3 of these repacks. Each one had one of these in it. All different if I recall correctly.
1990 Fleer Jason Buck
1994 UD Bryant Young - I'm highlighting the photo on the reverse of the card here. And so would you.
1992 Bowman Mike Merriwether
1997 Finest Don Beebe - At least one member of those early 90s Bills teams got a ring.
1991 Fleer Michael Haynes
2006 Fleer Ernest Wilford
1991 Pro Set Andre Waters
1992 Bowman Jonathan Hayes
2007 Donruss Classics Chester Taylor
1991 Pro Set Ervin Randle - The set might be maligned for overproduction, but an interesting photo can make one overlook fators like that.
2006 Prestige Jonathan Orr
2005 Topps Lee Suggs - A perfect photo of someone set to receive the handoff.
2013 Bowman Kendall Wright
2005 Topps Tiki Barber
2009 Bowman Mike Mickens - I have no reason to scan this other than the fact it is fun to say "Mike Mickens" aloud.
2013 Sage Mike Glennon
2006 Absolute Josh Reed - Finally, a Bills card!
2013 Bowman James Laurinaitis - I should really power collect him for wrestling related factors, but for some reason I've balked at that.
2011 Topps Darnell Dockett
2011 Topps Cameron Wake - a CFL alum!
2011 Topps Jordy Nelson
2011 Topps Carolina Panthers Team card
2011 Topps Danario Alexander - This ends this side of the repack's 2011 Topps wall.
2007 Topps Chris Leak
2008 UD Dexter Jackson
2009 Score Chad Henne - And here's a Wolverines alum for someone who I regularly send cards to.
2011 Topps Kendall Hunter
2009 UD Pat White - And here's a Mountaineers alum for someone who I regularly send cards to.
2011 Topps Jimmy Graham - And that's it.

And that's the repack.

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