Monday 6 January 2020

Forensic Files

After coming off a case break, I'm going to slow things down with a one-card-only post. This is my second card with a tie to my favourite usual on-in-the-background TV show. Unlike the first, this needs more of an explanation.
To get why I'd get this card as I tie-in, you'd have to watch the episode "The Gambler".
The murder revolved on a bet that ended up not being placed on a game between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, that ended on a walk-off wild pitch in 15 innings. When I saw that portion of the episode, I figured out that type of ending had to be pretty rare, and finding the game in question would be easy.

And the game was the June 21, 2003 game.

Nunez started the 15th inning with a triple, then scored on a wild pitch. So, his hustle on the basepaths ended up leading towards a triple murder.

Next time, just stay on second.

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  1. Or next time, just place the bet. In all seriousness... that's pretty scary. The only sports bets I've ever placed were at casinos in Tahoe and Vegas... and I can probably count the number of times on one hand. I'm more of a penny slots guy. Don't win nearly as much, but I like the little bonus games you get to play. Oh... and I buy the occasional blaster or hobby box... which is pretty much a form of gambling.