Monday 13 January 2020

Allota Alfie

I've got a few things to catch up with - namely a couple box breaks and some mailings. But I also have some COMC and Sportlots mailings to get to, and I'll do damage to both of these as I show the latest additions to my Daniel Alfredsson PC.
OK. This technically isn't an Alfredsson card. But it is a logical enough place to show off this manufactured team logo patch as an intro.
After going through the process of entering my collection over at TCDB (I've really only done it with my 2/14 collection, my Jamal Murray collection, and this), I did jump into the lead there with more than 400 different cards of his in the collection.
It was the 90s. You had to experiment with everything. The Rated Rookie logo? That probably should have stayed as is.
Your example of alliterative insert sets - Calling All Calders.
Stickers? There was one of those as well.
I got a couple inserts as well, with this being a card commemorating the debut of the Shootout, and Alfredsson scoring goal #1.
A couple parallels.
Whether parallels or base cards, these were the numbered cards in the mailers. The Priority card is /3000, the Certified is /250, and the really gold Gold Label is /199.
And a whole bunch more base cards in the Sportlots mailer.
And if relics are your thing, here's a bunch of 'em, featuring all 3 of the possible colours for a jersey swatch. Markus Naslund is on the other side of that Titanium card, a nice Swedish combination.

There you have it!


  1. Congratulations on being the #1 Alfie guy on TCDB! That OPC logo patch is really cool. This post inspired me to make an offer on the SJ Shark patch from this set. As for Alfredsson, I enjoyed collecting him back in the 90's. Sadly, I didn't keep any of his stuff when I dumped my collection. But I have picked up a few singles here and there when I find them cheap.

  2. Awesome Alfie cards, and congrats on sitting atop the TCDB leaderboard! My favorite card here is the logo patch at the top. I've been trying to get a Whalers patch but they are pricey and tough to find.