Sunday 19 January 2020

Familiar 2/14 Faces

After a bunch of newcomers yesterday, here's some names that have made at least one previous appearance.
This is practically pack fresh as an addition to the collection, and is the only card in the bunch that wasn't a COMC acquisition, instead being a pick-up from the LCS when I picked up some Trilogy. At least Alshon still qualifies as an addition to the more limited base sets out there.
Staying with Contenders, here's Tanner Lee from last year's release. He was released by the Jags this past off-season, and didn't catch on anywhere else.
Given Luminance's tendency to use darker photos on their cards to contrast the silver foil text, getting one with all the white on it tends to throw you. Like Tanner, he was a late round draft pick, but unlike Tanner, he saw a little action this season.
A one-card switch to hockey. UD's epacks have allowed for inexpensive additions to the collection, and this is significantly the cheapest option to add a new Mrazek relic to the binders.
It wouldn't be a Topps release if there weren't a few dozen parallels of each card. Here's the Walgreens yellow parallel.
I will not pretend to know the first thing about soccer, but I do know these are the first two soccer hits in my collection. Dillon wins the signature quality battle, since I can recognize more of the letters on his.

And there you have it!

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