Wednesday, 24 June 2015

PWE Catch Up!

A pair of PWEs made their way here courtesy of Shoebox Legends, and I figured now is as good a time as any to show off the highlights.

Most of what showed up will be on its way to my Mets binder, but there were a few others for other teams. My favourite non-Mets card was easily this Santa Hat rookie card of Gabe Pruitt. Sure, he only spent parts of a couple seasons there, and he's number 2 on this unflattering list, but he still got the ring! And he can thank Sun Yue for keeping him out of the #1 spot.
Just one Blue Jays card in the envelopes, but I don't have much 1990 Classic.
And Vintage is always welcome in my Expos collection, even with airbrushed caps.

But it was the Mets that highlighted these envelopes. Shane noted on the envelopes that these seemed to be needs as per my zistle list.
As long as I can tell it is a Mets card, there is no such thing as vintage that is too well-loved.
I couldn't recall what set this was an insert from, but a quick look at COMC lead me to 2014 Opening Day.
But the big winner in terms of PC was the Mike Piazza portion. With about 20 cards between the envelopes, getting 3 of the same player stood out. There's an ice variety of photos among them as well. Although the uniform isn't one of the most loved ones in Mets history, I have to vote for the orange jersey as my favourite in this bunch. And it isn't the most traditional pose that you'd see on a card.

So, thanks for the PWE! I'll keep my eyes peeled for Whalers!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed everything, I'm sure I'll have another one sent off before too long...