Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Days of Allen & Ginter - Day 4

151-200 as I continue to wind my way through a killer $10 purchase.

#151 - Orlando Cabrera. Based on this picture, I'm already liking this grouping of cards more than the previous one. This card couldn't show the pregame workout more than if there were a batting cage in the background.

#158 - Mary Shelley & 166 Bram Stoker. I was an English Lit major back in my University days. Picking up cards of people who wrote works that I've studied is surreal. The author of my favourite book will actually show up later in this set. The only way I could be even happier is if there were a Christopher Marlowe card in the set as well.

#189 - Rampage Jackson. I'm not an MMA fan at all, but this is a great card. A perfect look of intensity and determination against his opposition.
#197 - Bigfoot. When I was first looking through the box, I was just looking at the back of the cards to make sure everything was there. I seriously thought the mythical creature of the Pacific Northwest.
#193 Edwin Encarnacion. E5! In all seriousness, how can I hate a card that has such a great view of the Mr. Redlegs patch?
#199 - Daric Barton. Speaking of patches, here's another nice shot of one. In this case, the "Holy Toledo" patch in memory of announcer Bill King. Nice.

Another 50 down. 100 more to go. The next one contains the latest member of the 2/14 club.

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