Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday Surprise (Boxes)

Since my post from last Sunday didn't feature a Surprise Box from ye Olde Dollarama, here's two this week!

Box 1:

This actually contained 5 items as opposed to the usual 4. First up, a package of 100 penny sleeves. Considering I might be doing a wee bit of PW and Bubble Envelope drops after the Expo, I can use those!

But, I'd much rather show off the cards. So, off to some of the highlights.

Item 2: A five card pack of 2000s cards.

2007 OPC Matt Cullen
2002 Victory Luc Robitaille
2007 UD R.J. Umberger
2000 Pacific Dynagon Patrik Elias
2011 UD Mike Knuble

That Knuble card is just gorgeous.

Item 3: 4 card goalie pack.

2010-11 Betwen The Pipes Frank Pietrangelo
1990 Bowman Mark Fitzpatrick (Of course)
1999 Pacific Kirk McLean
1995 Leaf Philippe DeRouville

I'd never heard of the latter guy. Only 3 NHL games to your credit can do that. Still, I picked up 2 mask binder cards, and that's all I ask for from a goalie pack.

Item 4: 4 card investment pack

1997 Bowman Denis Hamel
1993 Classic Vladimir Krechin
2006 Ultra Michel Ouellet
1997-98 Pacific Invincible Red Mark Messier

Krechin never made the bigs. Hamel bounced between the minors and the NHL for most of his career, spending most of his time in the Senators system. He doesn't have a Sens card, so I'll use this one in my alphabetical Sens collection. Once I've got at least one Senators card of each player, I'll add in ones of players who had cards, but not as a Sen. Michel Ouellet is out of the league at this point as well. The "investment" portion of this pack comes from the Messier, which COMC thinks has a book value of $10.00. Even if it wasn't at that level, I'd still move it into a toploader. It's a real beauty.

Item #5: 5 card Superstar pack.

1995 Donruss Eric Desjardins
1991 Pro Set Steve Thomas
1994 Parkhurst Patrik Carnback
2010 UD Matt Duchene
2011 Score John Tavares (My guaranteed superstar, I assume)

Easily the final item was the dullest of the lot. There's enough keeper stuff in the earlier stuff to make me happy about the first box.

Box 2 had the standard four items.

Item #1: 4 1980s cards.

All 1981 Topps - Lanny McDonald Team Leader, Anders Hedberg Team Leader, Rick LaPointe and Steve Payne.

I've already got 2 of 'em, but I'll never tire of that Lanny card.

Item #2: 4 2010s cards.

2011 Biography of a Season - Ryan Callahan
2012 OPC Erik Karlsson
2011 Score Duncan Keith
2011 UD Dominic Moore

A pair of Norris trophy winners. Nice! And a Senator among them. No complaints here.

Item #3: Pack of 2008 Victory

Mike Cammalleri, Marian Hossa - Game Breaker, Jason Pominville, Sidney Crosby, Alexander Frolov, Cam Ward

A Wolverine for Too Many Manninghams, a marquee player, and a goalie mask card. Good enough for me!

Item #4: Hall of Fame pack

1993 Score Canadian Steve Yzerman (My guaranteed HOFer)
2000 UD Heroes Sergei Gonchar
2006 Fleer Dainius Zubrus
2001 Bowman Brenden Morrow
1999 Pacific Per Svartvadet

Yzerman is always a keeper, and Per will make my misc. hockey binder. The rest will be on my zistle tradelist.

Enough decent stuff in the second not to make it a waste of time, but the first box is the easy winner here.

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  1. Sweet, a Knuble and Cammalleri! Can't go wrong with a pair of Michigan Mikes.