Monday, 22 April 2013

Masked Mondays - Week #15

Way back when, I sent a pile of Blue Jays and Joe Sakic cards in the direction of Robert @ $30 a week habit. A couple weeks back, I remembered, "Hey! I don't think a care package was sent my way in return". I sent a reminder his way, and some return goodies arrived last week. It had lots of Sens towards my goal of acquiring at least one card of every player for whom there was one, and a handful of misc. cards from my zistle wantlist.

I'll get to all those later today or tomorrow. Since there was a threesome of mask cards in there as well, that's perfect for Monday.

Naturally, I'll lead off with a Senator. A while back, I praised Alex Auld's incorporation of the Sens logo into the helmet. It turns out Craig had him beat by over a decade in a basic, but effective paint job of the helmet into his, well, helmet.

Looking at this, I wondered how it would look when combined with the infamous Blues' third jersey that Mike Keenan so loathed that he banned them. Then I decided a good nap would be in order.
And the third mask card was this Kelly Hrudey mask card. It may lack the Hollywood sign of his LA Kings days, but at least it would colour-coordinate better with that powder blue headband.

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