Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Another trip to Target, another Fairfield baseball repack

Another 100 cards for $5.00. I was considering grabbing a hockey re-pack this time, but stuck with the baseball. The package promised "Look for memorabilia cards!". I didn't expect to find any, but it turns out there was one lurking in there. Nothing major, but it was a nice unexpected find.

I'll post that one tomorrow. Today, the 50 cards on the left hand side of the package.

This visible card was the reason I settled on this particular repack. A Carlos Delgado card I didn't have! I have several minor league cards of his, but those feature him at A ball in Dunedin. This has him at AA in Knoxville. $5 is steep for the choice, but I figured there would be enough interesting stuff among the remaining cards to make it worthwhile.
The two oldest cards in the repack. No complaints, though.
A card so nice, they gave it to me twice! This would also happen in the second group of 50 cards on the other side of the package.
It would have been more appropriate if it were this card that showed up twice in the pack.
The more I come across them, the more I'm convinced that catcher's mask cards should move into the hockey mask binder. There only seem to be a couple in each set that would qualify, so trying to acquire them wouldn't exactly be a Herculean task. The only problem is I have to identify the catchers that wore that style, and hope that an image featuring them is visible somewhere so it can go on my wantlist.
Hey! A new Kelly Stinnett for my 2/14 binder!
And another Canadian on a card as well.
Only two 1990 Fleer in the repack, right beside each other. And both players who passed way far too soon. Depressing, but this one was still the most depressing repack I've ever opened.
I had to break out the google to figure out which set this card was fun. 1989 Donruss Baseball's Best, apparently.
I know somebody who'd be interested in the photo on the back of this card!
And to finally round out this portion of the pack, a trio of Hall of Fame cards. No complaints about this!

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