Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Just a smidgen of a miscut on the back

I went through Target again yesterday. I probably shouldn't have bought what I did, but given my love for hockey repacks, I did. There was a Fairfield repack box for about $7 that promised 5 unopened packs, (turned out to be 08-09 UD S1, 07-08 UD S1, 10-11 Donruss, 10-11 OPC and 07-08 Ultra). But it also promised a complete set of 1990 Bowman. Since every 15 card repack I've ever picked up from Dollarama included 1 card from that set, I've often thought of it as the patron saint of hockey repack sets. How could I resist.

I expected the set to be a shrink-wrapped collation of cards. I was surprised to see an actual boxed set. I figured I could go through them and eventually post the Top 10 interesting photos from it.

However, one card really stood out from them all. Specifically, the cut on the back.

Upside down and everything. I don't really care about such things. If I did decide to binder these cards, they'd most certainly be 18 to a page, so it wouldn't matter in the long run. The best thing is that the card isn't a Hubie McDonough. It isn't a #95 Gary Roberts either. Take a guess who is on the front of this card before scrolling down.

No contest or anything, Just guess.

Here's a hint. He's in the Hall of Fame.

Here is one more for you: When this card was originally printed, the player would easily be considered a marquee superstar.

Give up?

Keep scrollling!

If you guessed:

Brett Hull, then you win my kudos!

Seriously, what would be my chutzpah level if I put this beauty up on ebay as Brett Hull 1/1?


  1. Wow never seen one like that before, and I've seen a LOT of that year's Bowman!

  2. Definitely an Ebay 1/1. That should bring three, four hundo easily.