Sunday, 14 April 2013

Card show goodies!

What goodies ended up in my collection after the small show this morning?  Quite a few goodies. Some will only be temporarily in my possession, as I recognized some items from people's want lists. Others, will be on their way into my binders and personal collections.

The only card that I pulled out of a box, and despite it not being on my wantlists or personal sets, I just had to have this one. A beautifully framed shot against the backdrop of some sort of military ceremony in Denver. The fact Colina only has a handful of cards, and this is one of them, makes this card great.

I wasn't able to knock anybody off my list of 23 or so Blue Jays who had major league cards, but I did pick up a minor league/draft pick card or 5. This one's my favourite, for the absurdly high number across the back of Anthony Hatch.
Akim Aliu? Why? I'm kinda working on putting a page together featuring cards of players with obscure or rarely seen birth places, cross referencing it with hockey reference. Where was Mr. Aliu born?
Nigeria! Believe it or not, he's not the first player to have Nigeria on the back of a hockey card. Former Buffalo Sabre/NY Ranger Rumun Ndur preceded him. I'm hoping that posting these cards doesn't result in a flood of people posting that they'll send me 50000 Akim Aliu cards, just as long as I'm willing to provide a box for it, a bank account, and administrative fees for the totally legitimate Nigerian Ice Hockey Development Federation.
I did pick up a couple of relics. One for me, one to be mailed out. I'm happy to add this one of a HOFer  numbered out of 100 to my collection. Rod could also join my obscure hockey birthplace pages, as he was born in Taiwan.
The guy that has $1 80s repacks, with 1961 cards thrown in was also there. I grabbed a couple of them, and found these 1961 beauties lurking within. Sure, they're commons, but they were also nice surprises. Bob Bruce, is one of only 46 pitchers to strike out the side in an inning on 9 pitches.

As for the rest of those 80s repacks?
Here's a sampling. My faves are the Hough with the knuckleball grip, the casual Easler photo and the pair of Quisinberry cards.
I'm working on acquiring at least one card of players who spent some junior time with the Kitchener Rangers. A nice mix of 6 newcomers to that collections. Eminger and Campbell were both members of the team that brought home the team's second Memorial Cup back in 2003. There's some older stuff there as well, notably Walt Tkaczuk, who is also one of the greatest NY Rangers of all-time.
A-Rod? Why? Because I picked up a non-SP base set of Ginter for only a purple portrait of Sir John A. MacDonald. 300 Ginter cards for less than 5 cents a card? I was all over that.

There's a few more that I got that will show up tomorrow on masked Monday. Until then...

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  1. Those '80s repacks sound awesome! Love the '82 Gamble, I'm still searching for that one around these parks.