Monday 17 June 2024

The Retail Remainder


Basically, the only 2 retail packs I had left that I hadn't shown off yet.
Here's the Absolute base design. If you're going to remove the photo's background, replacing it with the team logo is my choice for what to replace it with.
Even if it generally looks better if the team colors are darker. I guess you could have gone for black for the Saints, especially since they had no problem with all the purple on that particular Ravens card.
The background for rookies? Boring.
Here are those three promised blue parallels. Even with it just being a slight change to the foil, it does look rather nice with the color-match on the Giants card. Daniel Jones-ness notwithstanding.
Finally, a couple inserts. I really like the concept behind the Introductions one - something to make the Rookie Premiere photoshoot something more than just an opportunity to take generic photos and go through jerseys to be cut up for relic cards. 

Off to the Hoops pack:
My favourite photo in the pack is one enhanced by the design, with Jeremy Sochan busting through the border with his pass.
But there were lots of great photos in the pack, with a nice variety of camera angles enhancing them.
Your inserts. The Teal Explosions are retail exclusives. The purples can be found in both retail and hobby.
And the inserts! Only 2, so when mixed with the pair of parallels, this wouldn't be too annoying of a set to build. I love how they continue the airport motif with Arriving Now, that commitment makes it one of my favourite insert sets of the release year. Dynamos? I'm not too sure about the joy of electrocution. 

But there you have it!

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  1. Always nice to see Jordan Love pop out of a pack. I have terrible luck pulling Packers :/