Thursday 13 June 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 18 - Hockey Repack Battle

 Two repacks! One from Walmart! One from the Dollarama!

The Walmart pack contained a couple packs and a bonus card. So, basically the same as the baseball ones I've posted recently. I'm assuming all of the bonus cards are just from one of those box sets like the LaFreniere ones.
A couple interesting photos, both on the horizontal ones, are the highlights from 22-23 S1 pack. Crouse shows the perfect way to highlight the follow-through on a shot. A shame that Portraits had to rear their head.
21-22 was, as expected, typically boring and filled with bland, generic photo choices. But I did land a Young Guns card. And it is of a player who wasn't just one-and-done for his NHL career. Barron was traded to Winnipeg, and spent the entire past season with the team. It might not be a super valuable card, but given the "Who?" nature of some of the YG, that's a minor trifle.
The Dollarama one's contents!
The MVP pack was, as expected, even blander than the 21-22 flagship. Not even some colour can make it interesting, and having a release date so early that the previous season's stats aren't able to be included on the back makes it even worse.
I'm not sure if the superstar is the current one in Panarin or the historic one in Lafleur, but they're both pretty interesting cards anyhow on their own. It is also nice to see a mid-range set appear, even in base card form, like Ice. 
A non-90s card finding its way into the 90s pack is about the most interesting thing about this grouping.
The 2010s finale. As with the Ice, nice to see something outside the realm of flagship in a recent product, even if it is a lower-end option.

Being cheaper, and containing the Lafleur and Panarin appearances, I have to give the nod to the Dollarama version.

There you have it!

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