Tuesday 4 June 2024

Always Room for Chronicles


One pack of their most recent baseball under that title, and one deeply discounted basketball pack from several years ago.
The opening cards had been in the packs too long - you know that when even the scan can't hide it. The bottom two were not miscut - I just cropped the scan too much. Sharpe is probably my favourite among the paper base cards in this - Luminance nicely created the old school dark arena vibe where only the court is highlighted in the arena.
Only one bronze parallel - shown in the slight colour to the foil at the bottom. 
Only two foil cards in the pack, but one is the shiny holo parallel. Even if they're not as super-rare like they are in actual Gala, those base cards here are still pretty nice looking.
WOO-HOO! Only one Playbook card per pack, and it lands me a new Scottie Barnes for the Raptors PC.  And of course, his FSU cards count towards that binder. Why wouldn't they?
I guess they thought since I got the Bronze parallel of that Josh Christopher earlier, they thought I could use the regular base card as well. Yay?

Any new Barnes makes it a thumbs up pack!
Here's the baseball, starting with a bunch of paper base cards. I like the oddness of seeing Pat Gillick getting base cards last season in Panini wrestling. While his photo is super agreeable to being used in unlicensed products, they used in all releases. Surely one more had to be available, right? That Musial has such a nice photo with Luminance providing yet another great entry. 
And since Classics kept their factoid on the back for this portion of the Chronicles set, I'm showing that off as well. With his cards debuting in 1990, Eric was a junk wax mainstay. Even with that, if you went to COMC, you'd still have more options for Elijah cards vs. Eric's.
The rest of the paper portion. Luminance also rocks for the minor leaguer cards portion of the set.
And here's the foil cards. I'd pulled that McGwire before, and sent that off to Cards on Cards. Is it a sign? I doubt it, but much like with the Edwin Nunez yesterday, I'm holding on to it. Just in case. Brady House is a red wave parallel, coming in at /299. Not super rare, but still nice coming out of a retail rip.

Both were fun, solid packs. What else could I ask for?

There you have it!


  1. Nice Chronicles stuff! The baseball pack was quite good. I love that you pulled a Wolverine in both (Wagner and Clark Elliott)

  2. It's weird. I don't follow basketball anymore... and Chronicles isn't usually my cup of tea. But I think it's pretty cool to see guys in their college uniforms on cards featuring the 1990-91 Hoops design.

  3. Chronicles Baseball was always a very weird set, with all the different inserts outnumbering the ostensible base set. Now that it's a mix of legends and prospects with no current players (other than those who still qualify as prospects) it even more weird. Not a complaint.