Wednesday 19 June 2024

And the Rest!

Time to put another TMV envelope to rest (just as a couple more show up from other sources) with anything that fits into a category I haven't covered yet.
Only one for the Canadians in the NBA collection - with a modern Steve Nash from an insert set that has also provided me with Jamal Murray entries for his PC.
The baseball portion was slightly bigger, with a few new Morneaus, and then a switch over to Expos stuff. Those Vlads could end up in either his or the Expos collection - always a nice problem. 
Most of the cards the fell into the "The Rest" category were Bills content. Lots of shininess here - and a dull foil Flutie where the background scans horribly. The tri-color McCoy might technically be an attempt at a patriotic parallel, but all I note is that it is a perfect team colour parallel for a Bills card. Even the shades are really close.
Peerless Price might be the best name in team history. 
There aren't a lot of Ed Oliver relics out there - most seem to come from draft themed releases. But you can see the item used for the swatch in the photo. It comes from the cap he's wearing after being drafted. Twice the peculiarity!
And another player who doesn't have a lot of swatches out there. While these might be player-worn as opposed to game-worn, it is nice to have an appearance of a player that really gets lost in the shuffle when you're thinking of big names on those early 90s Bills rosters. 

There you have it!