Wednesday 12 June 2024

The Jays Portion

Back to the mailer again, and all of the Blue Jays contained within
Minis! That Tony Fernandez was one of only a couple of cards showing up today that isn't either an insert or parallel. Great for the variety!

And here's the absolute stack worth of those aforementioned inserts/parallels. I still remember that I was originally disappointed by that Mark DeRosa, since he wasn't using a CFL ball in that photo. The Argos will still playing out of the Dome at the time. Booo. There's nice memories as well for seeing the Ed-Wing on his Chrome sepia card. 
Before I head off to the true hits of the package in terms of relics and autos, here's a numbered card. I had absolutely no memory of Patterson. It looks like he never made it above AA, but that's far closer than I'd ever get to a MLB field without  getting arrested for trespassing. 
The best Blue Jays relics are blue Blue Jays relics.
But this one has a sticker blocking part of the swatch. But this is one of those verification stickers, so I can find out which game it is from.
And on that date, Bo went 0-5 with a walk and a run scored in a 12 inning loss. Sometimes not having a sticker might be better, and I can imagine a better result.
Adding a stamp with the team logo on it is a choice - a strange one when a new logo means it doesn't match the hat logo the player is sporting. But it does add a little something to a basic bat relic. 
Thomas Pannone had likely pitched his last innings with the Jays when this card was first released. He'd go on to spend some time in Korea, before returning to this side of the Pacific to spend time in Milwaukee, and is now in the Cubs system. I don't care how short your time is with the Jays, or if you even reached the majors. If it says Toronto on the card, it is a Jays card.

Just a small stack of miscellany left to show off!

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