Sunday 23 June 2024

A Long-Ago Box Break

Let's just define this box as being broken 4-ish years ago. 

Here's the box I was holding off on posting for reasons unknown to me. 
Here's a trio of regular base cards. Some good star power with the first two cards, but the oddness of my collecting habits makes the undrafted Christian Wood the most interesting of this small grouping. 
The final card with the base design is a pink parallel /99. In a nice bit of oddness, his shoes go with the loudness of the background.
The hits showed up here. This became a pretty good card over the past couple seasons, especially after the playoffs. Maybe I was just waiting for such a card to reach that status before showing it off.
Here's something that shows how long ago I opened this box. Not only has the redemption been long fulfilled, it has expired, as has Mannion's NBA career seemingly, as he's been playing overseas the past few years.
A couple inserts. Kira Lewis Jr was a Raptor for a minute and a half this past season, arriving as part of the Siakam trade, and leaving in the Kelly Olynyk trade. Donovan Mitchell will always be a favourite of mine for his connection to the Mets, and his 162-0 prediction. You gotta love that confidence.
Finally, a couple rookies. Both of them were Sixers draft picks, although Maledon was traded a few weeks later. Maxey is the second card in the box that has turned into a pretty good one. The two images on the card does give a vibe of the classic Diamond Kings, and that's always a bonus.

I still don't know why I waited so long to post all these cards. But there you have it!

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