Thursday 1 February 2024

Welcome, Kahili Blundell

The newest member of the 2/14 collection comes from 2022 Goodwin Champions, even though it was released in 2023. She is a model, and has been a ring girl for the UFC. Perhaps that's why her cards are listed as MMA on both COMC and tcdb.

It is Kahili Blundell! She joins Natasha Wicks as the second ring girl in my collection.
TCDB lists 4 MMA people with the 2/14 birthdate. 2 are ring girls, 3 are women, and the only male listed I can't even find cards of on ebay. Montana de la Rosa is the only fighter I have cards of.
This card is not a die-cut. It just looks that way. I wish it was, only so I could submit it for grading. I'd probably receive a mail bomb in return.
Damn, UD really got a lot of mileage out of that one photo. Did they think that if it was merely reframed over several insert sets, nobody would notice?
Let's throw in an autograph as well! Same photo. Her signature isn't horrible - I can sort of parse it as the first initial and last name. But she really doesn't compare to Natasha in terms of complete legibility. She also becomes the third Aussie to join the collection in the past few months, alongside soccer's Mary Fowler and cycling's Cadel Evans. 

So, as much fun as it is to welcome her to the collection with 5 cards, I really would have rather seen at least one other photo on the cards.

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  1. Haven't watched a UFC fight in awhile... so not familiar with Blundell. But I can see why she's popular. I think the only UFC ring girl autograph I own is of Arianny Celeste.