Tuesday 27 February 2024

Soccer 2/14 Additions

Time for another 2/14 showoff, and this time, it is from the one of five sports that rank a specific section in the binders devoted solely to it, that I know very little if any about. All I know is these guys passed the google test of being searchable without getting horrible criminal actions associated with them.

I do know that this 1970 sticker is the oldest item in that portion of the collection. I also believe that Ladislao Mazurkiewicz is the only person in it that has since passed away. He might also be the only goalkeeper as well. 
But not for long, as Richard Strebinger is also a goalkeeper.
But really, if you're looking for backstories on any of the players seen here, you're out of luck. 
Because I looked for very little beyond "Have they done something vile?" in searching on these players.
And I search that for very good reasons.

While common sense would dictate I should just toss that guy's card into the trash - I instead keep it as a reminder that if I haven't heard of the person, I should google them first.

There you have it!

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