Thursday 22 February 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 6 - Nothin' but the Hits

 Another basketball repack.

This is a bit of a lie, as these generally contain 2 relic cards with the third being an auto.

A Raptors card is a perfect start! Even better when it is a new one to the collection, and someone who was still with the Raptors when I landed the card. He was traded to the Knicks as part of the Anunoby trade, and a month later was sent on the Detroit.

But he was still in the league, unlike the others in the pack.
Ferguson lasted a few years before his move overseas. Wikipedia says he's now playing in Cape Town, 
South Africa.
And here's the autograph - another player who is out of the league at this point, with wiki revealing he's now with the Beijing Ducks. While I won't go as far to proclaim his signature as worthy of belonging in my penmanship binder, I'll just say I'm happy some of the letters are legible, along with some sort of way to meld the T and the J together. 

Despite both being non-current NBAers, at least they're from higher end releases.

There you have it!

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