Thursday 29 February 2024

Inching towards 3,900, via PWE

 A trio of PWEs showed up recently from Kerry @ Cards on Cards. Most of the content, volume wise, was Raptors content, which I'll get to at a later date. 

But there were some 2/14 cards in there as well. And it was with these, my totals reached the almost magical total of 3900, as they put me at 3899.

Protential remains a horrible pun, but it still makes for my 20th card of Jaxon Smith-Njigba. Which is nice even if only one features him in his current Seattle uniform.
Ethan Small reaches 11 total cards with this entry from Heritage High Numbers. He was DFAd by the Brewers after the Corbin Burnes trade, but got picked up by the Giants. 
My first 2023 Stadium Club card! I haven't seen any local retail available, so this becomes a wonderful way to start! I was originally planning on building this set, until it got continually pushed back. Maybe after I see what the price point is for 2024 Heritage, I'll double back and go for this instead.
It was only 2 cards, but Nick Pivetta won the volume war among 2/14ers, starting with this subdued blue parallel. There's blue on their cap, so I guess I can kinda call this a colour-match.
And a base card?
Oh - it is one of those Advanced Stats parallels. Only 299 left to collect 'em all!

So, thanks for these, Kerry! I'll get around to showing off all of those Raptors cards shortly!

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